Notification of trips, walks or short breaks arranged for Probus Club members

Where external events are arranged, details will be notified in advance to members at monthly club meetings and on the club website.  It is desirable for members to have sufficient details at reasonable notice prior to each event.

Health & Safety Requirements

Our club's insurance policy document includes the following statement:

With the requirements and responsibilites laid down by the Health & Safety Executive and the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, part of a club's administrative responsibilities is to carry out a full risk assessment prior to a trip, outing or walk.  The assessment must be notified to members in advance of any outing and should be carried out by the club's trip organiser and should include full details of the trip and where a third party is involved, such as visiting an establishment, details of their risk assessment and liability insurance.  Failure to comply with the Health & Safety requirements may invalidate a liability claim.

Risk assessment

To ensure that the club meets its 'duty of care' responsibilities for its members, and therefore satisfies the requirements of its insurance, the following paragraphs provide suggestions on how organisers should approach this requirement:

Club Walk. All that is needed for the risk assessment is for the organiser to go over the walk beforehand and flag any hazards.  An example notification might say:

Our next walk will be on the 30th April, meeting at the Kings Head at 1015 for a departure at 1030 sharp, parking is available in the municipal car park opposite.  Our return walk is from Cross Hand to Pratts Bottom, through roads and fields, including recently ploughed fields, and crossing a number of stiles.  Members are advised that we will be crossing a narrow bridge over a very deep ravine (1 mile drop).  The going is mostly on level ground but there are a few slopes of modest incline to surmount.  The walk covers a total distance of approximately 10.5 miles.  The weather forecast is uncertain so members should wear and/or carry suitable apparel and walking aids to meet all potential weather and ground conditions.  It would also be helpful if members take their mobile phones to facilitate communications (and to take photos for the website!), especially in the event of an emergency.

Club Visit or Short Break.  Club members must arrange their own personal travel insurances when going on a club-arranged short break.  Example elements of a risk assessment for a day's outing might include:

Our trip to the local sewage works will involve a visit to all sections of the treatment areas, some of which could give rise to nausea from noxious smells.  The floor may be slippery in places and there are some concrete steps to negotiate.  To comply with the company's own risk assessment, safety goggles and gloves will be provided in certain areas of the etablishment.  

General point.  Members should be reminded that it is their personal responsibility to decide on the level of their capability and whether they should participate in each club activity as described in the risk assessment.